Screen Shot 2013-01-27 at 5.02.38 PMThe first issue of the Expat Backup’s emagazines is a gift to newcomers in Monrovia: a guide to getting settled, finding what you need, and enjoying your new home.

Future issues of Expat Backup emagazines won’t be location-specific, but this is my way of giving back to the community that has been such a phenomenal support over the last two years. Here you are, and thank you.

The emagazine can be downloaded in PDF format here: Living (well) in Monrovia, Expat Backup Issue 1. It’s free and useful, and I’d be very happy if you shared it with anyone you know who could benefit.

I’d love to hear what you think about it in the comments section.

This week I’ll be writing more about the Expat Backup mission of helping aid workers to be healthy and happy in the most challenging of environments. I’ll explore three crucial qualities that separate those who truly make a difference from those who’ve long ago given up on the whole idea (you know who they are). Together, we’ll explore how to cultivate these qualities so that you can keep your wide-eyed idealism, just like you should.

For the majority of you, who aren’t moving to Monrovia, thanks for your patience and stay tuned!

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10 Responses to Living (well) in Monrovia: Expat Backup Issue 1

  1. Matt Jones says:

    Great work, Elie!

  2. Fabulous! Thanks!

  3. George says:

    I’m heading there with my family. This issue relieved a lot of anxiety.


  4. Cammie says:

    Just where is the facebook like button ?

  5. Elie, you did a marvelous job putting together a very comprehensive, useful report. You should be proud of yourself – I know I’m thrilled to be in the next issue!

  6. lisa says:

    Great issue! When does the one on “cooking meals with West African vegetables” come out?

    • Hi Lisa,

      I’m planning for an environmental issue, and there will be lots about cooking locally in there. I’m in transit between two countries, so I need to wait until I have a kitchen!

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