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This is the third of three posts in The Expat Aid Worker Manifesto series. Check out the first and second ones if you haven’t already.

Those of us who are practicing the change we want to see in the world belong to a radiant future. Through our actions, we seek to collaborate in and co-create this change. We work towards a sustainable, peaceful world where the planet’s natural systems are respected and all people have access to the benefits and learning of our global civilization.

We believe that aid work is one of many ways to accomplish positive change. We take action, through our work, to help this change come into being.

Changing people’s lives for the better has changed us as well. Our work makes us rawer, more focused, more open and responsive to people’s needs. When we take care of ourselves, these new feelings can translate into valuable skills that make us better, more effective agents of positive change.

We become better listeners, more attuned to identifying people’s needs. We become better team members, because we find value and innovation in collaborating with diverse equals. We even become better friends and partners, because we know the value of companionship and respect and show up for the work that partnership takes.

We believe that our industry has things to learn, and that the more we work together to share our ideas and experiences, the better we will be at helping it to grow and mature. We favor collaboration over competition, because we have experienced the exuberance that comes when we truly work together towards a common goal.

Expat Backup will be one of many voices talking about this learning and helping to bring about this change. Those of us who are at the edge of this work and this learning are finding each other.

We welcome you.

This is one of your many homes.

Thoughts? Ideas? Stories to share? Write to me at elie at expatbackup dot com. I’d love to hear from you. Also, because I don’t blog all that regularly, you might want to get Expat Backup delivered to your Inbox so you don’t miss anything.

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