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I’ve been writing at Expat Backup for almost six years, and a lot has unfolded in that time to move my work on wellness for changemakers into a more public and professional space.

I started Expat Backup heartbroken from aid work, in the middle of restoring myself from the worst burn-out I’d ever experienced. I realized that if I didn’t figure out how to resuscitate my well-being and my purpose, that I’d end up bitter and cynical, or even worse, not doing the work at all.

I took what I learned and I started to share it with other aid workers, listening to your stories and supporting how I could. Over the years, I’ve built up a body of work and a community of practice around aid worker wellness, but it hasn’t stopped there.

What started as a simple desire to share my strategies for well-being with other expatriates quickly expanded beyond the category of “expat” and “aid worker.” My first workshop was with the amazing, game-changing feminists at the global network Women Living Under Muslim Laws and I knew then, just as I know now, that this healing is not limited to expatriates or to aid workers — this knowledge is for everyone.

It has been my privilege, over the last few years, to work with global changemakers, social entrepreneurs and public and private sector leaders to optimize well-being while doing the work that really matters. As changemakers, we owe it to ourselves to be healthy and happy while making a difference in the world’s most challenging places and when collaborating on solving the world’s most challenging problems.

Now, it’s time that I ground that work and that practice in a wider, more inclusive home and on a platform that doesn’t isolate or draw attention to our differences.

For these reasons, I’m moving my writing on wellness and changemaking to my personal website over at I hope that you’ll join me and sign up for updates and insights that I share only with my community here.

And if this is where our paths part ways, I wish you all the best on your journey.

May you be happy and healthy, while we all work together to change the world.

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